For Over 30 years, Michael O'Donnell has been one of the worlds most respected mountain guides and world class explorers. He is also an expert corporate trainer and personal life coach. O'Donnell's life is a story of challenge, commitment, and survival. When not guiding experienced or physically challenged climbers to the summits of the world's highest peaks, O'Donnell assists top executives from around the world to develop new insights for leadership and organizational development.



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Woven into his life experiences is a lifetime of business management expertise in a variety of industries. A successful 10-year management career with Schlumberger Offshore helped Mr. O'Donnell develop key insights into business cultural affairs. He has also worked extensively in the power line industry as a highly sought after rigging and safety consultant. The recipient of numerous safety and management awards Michael has helped many companies achieve new heights in safety and time management.


In addition to his broad industry experience Mr. O'Donnell has also been actively involved in the movie industry both as a climbing and rigging consultant and as a personal coach and trainer for such notable actors as Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Clooney, and John Belushi. Michael has done it all, from safety to set design.




Michael O'Donnell is a technical climbing expert and a world class mountaineer and explorer. He is the personal guide for
Erik Weihenmayer the first blind man to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. He has been a Guest Host for Worst Case Scenario (fox TV) and a Guest Host for A&E Wilderness Survival show.

Mists and Memories
You cannot stay on the summit forever so why so bother in the first place?

Just this,
What is above knows what lies below.
What is below does not know what is above.




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