There is an art of conducting ones self in the lower regions purely by the memory of what one saw swirling in the mists amongst the wind swept ridges and summits.

Team Development

     Michael O'Donnell has been active in corporate team development for over 10 years, working hand and hand with some of the pioneers in the field of experiential learning. His extensive training has allowed him to be on the cutting edge in the field of team development. Mr. O'Donnell has also been fortunate to work with some of the leaders in the field of traditional business consultants. The result is a program that effectively brings together the two disciplines of experiential learning and traditional consulting to create a totally unique perspective on team development. Working together with the client, Michael customizes the curriculum to help target their key core issues.   

What one can no longer see 
one can still know in his heart.

One climbs, one sees, one descends,
one can see no longer through the mists and wind…
But one has truly seen.




Thirty five years of teaching, coaching and mountain guiding has given Michael a unique perspective on his professional coaching and training career. Mr. O'Donnell has been combining his two greatest passions, climbing and coaching, to help corporations and individuals realize their greatest dreams. Michael believes true success begins with a connection and deep understanding of yourself. This is the foundation of Michael's programs for personal success. These programs are based on some unique and powerful lessons in the importance of personal integrity, personal vision, goal setting and the creation of real inner courage. Mr. O'Donnell's techniques allow people to explore their world in a new way using their resources: mental, physical and spiritual. Many people around the world have experienced the enormous shift in their awareness and effectiveness when they become "fully engaged" in their life. Identifying an individual's full potential to help them experience a truly happy and fulfilling life is Michael's greatest passion.



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