Michael was recently the keynote speaker at Caption Colorado. From traditional news and television captioning to real-time streaming media captioning services, Caption Colorado is the nation's premier provider of captioning services. 

    West LB, a worldwide leading provider of financial services chose Michael, with his skills and organization, as their focus speaker last month. His enthusiastically presented insights highlighted their motivational experiences with many "take home" ideas and plans to further enhance productivity.

    As Erik Weihenmayer's personal preferred guide, Michael O'Donnell was chosen again to lead the pair on the toughest ice climbs in the world. Traveling to the northern slopes of Banff Canada allowed the successful ice climb of three of the world's biggest climbs. They completed the Weeping Pillar climb with an 1800 feet vertical ice fall. The Curtain Call climb at 900 vertical feet and Murchison Falls at 700 vertical feet.






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Michael O'Donnell
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